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The world of dating can be a very complex affair, knowing the right way to conduct yourself and the wrong way is a big advantage.

Firstly we will tackle the correct way to act when dating, always look smart as though you have at least made an effort and never be late. Remember dating is supposed to be fun so make sure you do just that, have some fun. Compliment your date on how they look; flattery is a lovely, thoughtful touch when dating.

Try to be interested in what your date has to say and also be interesting yourself, there is nothing worse than dating a boring person! Be honest if you are not at all keen on dating the person again please tell them this in a gentle way, it is better for them to be hurt now than for you to give them false hopes.

Remember your dating time is just that yours so ensure you are dating people that you choose to date and not those that your friends think you should be dating.

Now the wrong way to act when dating, do not keep ringing someone if they are refusing to speak to you it is probably, and this is a wild guess here, because they do not wish to talk to you! Never arrive late when dating your date should not have to wait for you. Do not be rude or become drunk whilst dating, being drunk with your friends is one thing but being drunk in front of your date is not deemed as cool. Do not divulge personal information such as your home phone number or address especially not when you have just started dating.

Remember there are no magic formulas when it comes to dating you just need to try to be yourself and to relax. One of the best things you can do prior to dating is to give yourself a confidence boost, ensure you are ready to commence dating buy a new wardrobe, try a new hairstyle and maybe take on some exercise.

If you feel confident in yourself you will appear and act confidently and this can make all the difference when you are dating, you can be the prettiest of girls but if you are sat all slouched over and trying to hide you will not be noticed. The not so attractive girl however who is sitting up straight and laughing will be noticed.

There are many varying forms of dating available you could search through the personal adverts in your local newspaper, attend a speed dating session where you only have a set amount of time with each person and travel around the room from person to person.

Online dating is another type; some people prefer this method, as they are not placed into a face-to-face situation from the beginning. They can become friendly with another member of the online dating website slowly.

First impressions do count especially in the world of dating this is very true if you are attending a blind date, if this is the first occasion that you have met your date then you really do want to make an impression and not for the wrong reasons either!

Keep eye contact when dating as there is nothing more infuriating than talking to somebody who is looking everywhere but at you. It comes across as very rude and impolite.

Whatever your age and whatever your reasons are for discovering yourself in the dating game just always try to remember to smile and have fun, at the end of the day your date is only human, hopefully, and dating should be about sharing happy times with each other.