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When it comes to senior citizen dating the dates concerned are relaxed and calm, more outings out as friends than dates really.

Visits to parks and flower gardens are very popular for senior citizen dating just taking a leisurely stroll around, no pressure, perfect. Sauntering along the sea front in a picturesque seaside town is another outing that senior citizen dating can relate too.

Theater shows are a great trip for senior citizen dating as many theaters these days offer meals as part of the package. This makes a lovely day or evening out for a date, a good show, delicious meal and wonderful company.

Senior citizen dating is centered on companionship the feeling of somebody being with you by your side, enjoying your company as much as you enjoy theirs. It is about talking to one another about days gone by, appreciating each other.

Taking a trip by rail is a lovely way to spend your senior citizen dating, watching the entire beautiful scenery pass by. If you are slightly fazed by the concept of senior citizen dating then why not try and arrange an outing for a crowd of people? This way you can still be with the person you wish but with the company of others, you both might appreciate this. Then if you discover that you are not that well suited to one another on your senior citizen dating trip then other people will be available to talk too.

Visiting an art gallery would be perfect for senior citizen dating of course you need to ascertain first that you both enjoy art, if you do then this is a lovely idea for a first date. Senior citizen dating is all about taking it easy and enjoying the company that you are in.

How about a boat trip? These need not be too physical as there are many touring boats available to take a cruise on, but senior citizen dating does not all have to be reserved. If you are the energetic type and your date is too then hire a sailing boat or jump in a canoe.

Hire a couple of bicycles for your senior citizen dating and ride somewhere reasonably flat, many areas now offer specially adapted cycle pathways running alongside pretty riverbanks and fields. Senior citizen dating is about tranquility yes, but that does not mean you cannot be a bit adventurous.

Visiting a table-top sale, flea market or a jumble sale are fabulous places to go whilst you are senior citizen dating you can discuss all the items you have bought. Just because you are seniors does not mean that you cannot have fun anymore, visit a fairground or a circus. Have a go at the silly games; senior citizen dating can be full of laughter.

If you are both into reading your senior citizen dating could include attending a book reading together and then stand in the queue for a signed copy.

A fun date for senior citizen dating is a wine tasting session or a cheese and wine evening. This is a good date to go on with a group of you and the ideal opportunity to still be with your date.

Have fun when you are senior citizen dating it is not all about taking it easy and slowly, just enjoy it.