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Seniors and Nordic Walking

There are many reasons why Nordic Walking is the perfect exercise for seniors, partly due to the many benefits to be gained, and partly due to the fact that you do not need to run out and spend money on expensive equipment just to start it. Another good thing is that you can  experience Nordic Walking even if you are not in top
physical shape, and even if you are nottwenty years old.
In fact, seniors are getting more and more involved in Nordic Walking than ever before, so what are you waiting for?
If you are a senior living in your golden years, you can still do the Nordic Walking everyday, boost your health, and maybe even add valuable time to
your life, simply by following a few simple guidelines .
Before you start the Nordic Walking first exercise , you should check with your  physician first, just to make certain you have no medial problems that could make
the walking unsafe for you. Your doctor will likely tell you
that you can start the Nordic Walking, but may put  limitations or restrictions on it, just to be safe. If you currently have weakened bones, often caused by osteoporosis,
diabetes, or problems with balance, you can expect your doctor to have
some concerns.

You may be advised to take it slow and easy, as you
should anyway and gradually build yourself up. Likewise, your doctor may also suggest that you do the Nordic Walking in certain places, where the ground is even
and there is no danger from falling. There are Doctors who are not familiar with Nordic walking , so you better explain to them that you are actually walking with the help of two poles which also are supporting you .There are many great places that you can enjoy  Nordic Walking at, some where you will be more alone, others more public, where you can make friends who will
make your Nordic Walking all the more interesting and beneficial. Many outdoor  public parks have walking tracks which fit the Nordic Walking. Many seniors also choose to do Nordic Walking in the mall where they will be
protected from the weather and temperature, and can stop and take a rest, get a drink, or  go to the restroom when needed.
You will likely be much safer in the mall as well. If you really have not done a lot of exercising  in the past, you might also benefit from visiting your local gym or wellness center, where a trainer can help you get started on equipment which simulates the Nordic Walking .
A trainer can do some  assessments, and tell you what type of shoes  you should use, and what type of Nordic Walking  poles would be best for you.
While you do not really have to spend a lot of money, it would be a good idea to obtain a good pair of Nordic Walking shoes, a water bottle, and portable radio.
It is important to carry water with you, so you do not get dehydrated while you exercise Nordic Walking ,
You may find that music makes your Nordic Walking more interesting
and fun for you. Make sure you follow your doctor’s guidelines, and take
your time when starting your Nordic Walking routine. If you learn to do it the right way , you will find that Nordic Walking helps relieve stress, boost
your overall health and fitness, and even your ego!