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Finding new friends is never an easy task, not many people possess the ability to just walk up to people and ask if they wish to befriend them! We could all do with our very own personal friend finder, a little device that we could set to seek out people that would like us instantly!

There are ways that you can be your own friend finder if you are new to an area then have a hunt through local newspapers and magazines. Look for groups, clubs or organizations that you can join.

It is all about discovering yourself really before you become a friend finder, know what makes you tick. If you have been in a relationship for several years it can be very difficult finding yourself all alone again, whilst you are with someone else you tend to lose you as an individual.

This is who you need to search out initially, you. Your friend finder skills can wait for the moment discover yourself first. What makes you happy, sad or angry? All this will assist you when your friend finder abilities are put to the test later as you will be aware of the type of people you wish to befriend.

Starting over from the beginning and becoming a friend finder need not be as daunting as you might first think. It can be exciting to try new experiences and by joining new clubs and groups it is like being on an adventure.

Another way to be a friend finder is to try your hand at some voluntary work, find a subject that you enjoy it could be retail or helping others. Then see if there are any opportunities available within the local area, possibly helping out in a shop or assisting in an animal rescue centre or similar. Voluntary work is the perfect setting for your friend finder skills to be tested, by working out of the kindness of your heart displays the type of person you are already. So you should only discover the same kind of people doing voluntary work.

If you have children and are thinking of becoming a friend finder then your children will make the task even easier, children seem to have a natural ability to befriend everyone. You are involved with more people usually when you have children, through their hobbies and interests, so the opportunities to be a friend finder are a lot greater.
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Whilst taking them to school and collecting them again you will generally meet other people so this is the perfect chance to be a friend finder, your children will make friends during school and very often wish to play outside of school with their friends. You could use your friend finder abilities with their friend’s parents.

The point to remember is not to appear totally desperate during your mission of being a friend finder and not to befriend everyone you are introduced to. Just act casually and friendship will blossom naturally, becoming your own friend finder can be tricky at times.

You could adopt a very needy dog from your local shelter if you have the time to look after it of course, walking a dog has to be one of the best all round ways to be a friend finder. There are so many dog owners out there and before you even speak to each other you know you have something in common, the fact that you both have dogs. It is a great opportunity to keep fit too, so being a friend finder does have a lot of advantages.
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