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Speed dating is an innovative new take on the traditional match making where the right guy gets paired up with the right girl. This could be a long process and involve a lot of time. Speed dating is a kind of fast-paced match making in keeping with today’s increasingly fast paced lifestyles in New York City. Anyone who is single and looking to mingle should give speed dating a try. It is an exciting, fun and fast way to meet people of the other sex and maybe if you get lucky, you could find your perfect life-partner at one of these New York speed dating events.

Speed dating events are essentially a series of mini dates between pairs of individuals. Each short date lasts just a few minutes as decided by the organizer of the event.

The organizers go out of their way and do everything they can to make participants feel comfortable with each other. If this is your first time and you are nervous about the kind of questions to ask, they even provide you with cue questions that you could use to get to know the other person better. These questions serve as an icebreaker and then it is up to you to continue the conversation and take up from there. Participants can chat about anything that is mutually interesting, but are advised against giving out personal or financial details during this time as they could compromise your security. Only if a match is found do the organizers then exchange contact information and the participants then contact each other and set up dates at a mutually convenient place and time.

Normally you would be required to pre-register as well as pre-pay all registration and other fees to participate in a speed dating event. Depending on the organizers, a speed dating event could have a casual, formal or party setting. A New York speed dating event is usually held in a restaurant or a cozy bar.

A New York speed dating event sure beats trying to meet singles and chat them up at a bar or club. The other person may like to be alone and may not be looking for company. At a speed dating event, everyone present is looking for someone else that they could date and spend some time with. It does away with forced pick up lines, which could be met with a rebuff. At a speed dating event participants are partnered with like minded singles and forced to chat with each other and get to know each other, even though it is done in a limited amount of time. If the two individuals find each other interesting they could opt to take things one step further and arrange to date each other. If they have no common interests and do not want to go further with each other, they could safely drop each other and move one. Also the environment of a New York speed dating event is more conducive to getting to know others as compared to a noisy club or bar.

Incidentally New York speed dating is not just about flirting and casual conversations with the opposite sex. Depending on how handle the situation and the questions that come your way, you could have very intelligent conversations and meet some interesting people who you could just exchange ideas and thoughts with.