Eight Minute Speed Dating: A Fun Way For Singles To Meet

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Speed dating is an innovative new concept, which has come about to incorporate an old fashioned need in today’s fast paced world. These popular speed dating events are usually eight minutes long and provide you with a perfect opportunity to meet single members of the opposite sex. This is a comfortable, safe and fun way to find a dream date who is perfect for you. At every 8-minute speed dating event you participate in you are sure to meet a lot of eligible singles looking for someone like you.

An 8-minute speed dating event provides you with an evening of interesting conversations with a room full of people. All participants may have been strangers to each other when they walked into the room, but they all come to know a little bit more about each other in 8 minutes of conversation.

An 8-minute speed dating event is a new take on the old fashioned tradition of match making. Participants of the opposite sex stay at opposite sides of the room and get to chat with every participant of the opposite sex for eight minutes. This gives you a general idea of the person’s likes and dislikes and you are almost certain to meet quite a few like-minded individuals of the opposite sex. It is like a great party where you can pick and choose your dream date.

In order to become a participant for any 8-minute speed dating event, singles are required to register first. These events are usually organized by age groups and also select areas. There could be as few as 20 participants or as many as 100 in any 8-minute speed dating event, which could be set up at a bar or a restaurant.

The first session is an informal mix and mingle session. All participants get the opportunity to meet each other and maybe choose prospective others. The next stage is where the participants now get to meet up and know more about 8 other singles of their choice. They each get 8 minutes to chat with each other and get to know each other. After these eight minutes they move on the next prospective single on their list.

A safe and comfortable atmosphere is maintained throughout. All participants are discouraged from giving out personal information or phone numbers so that their safety and privacy is not compromised. You can mingle with all the participants and only volunteer certain information about your self that you feel safe and comfortable doing.

The huge success of the 8-minute speed dating events is primarily due to the fact that singles get to meet each other live and can assess each other in person. The necessary registration as well as group setting that the participants meet up under makes the whole atmosphere safer and increases the comfort level of all the participants.

The party setting provides an ideal conversation starter to everybody. The atmosphere is casual and individuals feel at ease and comfortable with each other. There is no pressure on anyone to have to put on an act. An 8-minute speed dating event provides every one with the perfect opportunity to casually assess the others and in the process find that perfect someone who has the same likes and dislikes as you. If everything works out great you could even find your life partner at one of these events.