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Senior men and Senior Women observe affairs from different points of view.
For a senior man, a steady relationship is an opportunity  to settle down into a calm and quiet life although not essentially marriage but more of leaving  the rat race of finding a date and someone to share his life with. Senior Men are further calm when their relationship is not a roller coaster trip.
On the other hand, senior women relates to relationship as a risk because of the possibility of getting upset in the relationship between her and her boyfriend. Right off, senior women get ready  themselves for a turbulent and rough ride as it makes them sense more alive.
Senior men and senior women are on two non similar timetables with respect to relationships. The Big Trap that I am referring to is that you are in a hurry to get into a stable  relationship and out of the dating cycle for the incorrect reasons. This trap presents itself most often to the guys that date infrequently or tend  to monogamous behavior. (Senior women are subject to this trap, also.) Those that are at ease  playing the field and dating many women , as I urge to you to do , do not suffer from this syndrome.

You would like to get out of the wild instability of the dating scene , so that you can begin with one senior woman in your life. There are many reasons men slide into immediate monogamy roles, and an incorrect understanding of female expectations is one of them. Another reason senior men move too fast is that guys do not like the ambiguity and having to wonder every day if they are going to get any love. If they in fact  understood  how much opportunity there is out there in the singles world, they would not be in such a rush to lock in their possibilities.
Here is what takes place when you fall into the trap: your mind is conditioned to consistency. As you date, you find yourself excited by meeting new senior women, but with a missing of understanding, your misses are much more frequent than your hits. This leads to discouragement. You start really hesitating yourself, and your self esteem takes a blow. Then you feel more negative about the whole process. You stop being able to get better on  your technique because all you see is failures. You swear off dating for a while, often with a secreted  hatred toward women. After all, the singles scene is vicious , isn’t it?
Or, you date for a short while, and you settle for someone who does not delight you, but at least is not running away. Over time, your unhappiness grows subconsciously as you realize that you  have settled for less than you want or deserve . She gets needy and sticky, and you pull further and further away.
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This is another of those downward spirals, and it typically runs in cycles. You go through the cycle, and try again, almost always with a mindset of I can not wait to get out of this scene. This attitude sabotages you, as you are programming yourself with a desire to stay away from the very process that will advance your skills and make sure the widest collection of possible mates. And it may not come from a real  desire to be in a relationship but rather a wish to not be in the dating scene.
Only with this approach , you  will you ensure that you do not fall into this trap. You have got to have such a compelling life that a senior woman is a fine adding up, not the lone pitiful reason for your existence. The way to cultivate this approach is to know your situation (get knowledge), do sufficient of the correct things based on this knowledge (take action), and experience success. You need to prize your nervous system for learning these new life style, and you will be the senior man you always wanted to be.
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